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This site takes its name from the heros of the Greek War of Indenpendence. As it was in 1821, it is now; there is never a time when Greeks can rest easy concerning their freedom. We must, as a people, be vigilant and ever aware of the propaganda diseminated by anti-Greek forces, peaceful and/or warlike.

M I S S I O N     S T A T E M E N T

Kleftis is dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on various governmental and other institution's actions which adversly affect the right of Greece to exist as a free nation and to keep alive the contributions made by classical and modern day Hellenes. As part of the mission statement Kleftis.com's will:

  • See that no misinformation be surreptitiously promulgated against Classical and Modern Hellenes without a strong and appropriate response. And if nececessary. a strong legal response.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on all news media, including, but not limited to internet, print, radio/sound and visual aspects of the press to ensure no misinformation is promulgated to the general public at large.


The Kleftis were bandits living in the mountainous regions of Greece during the time of the Turkish conquest of the Balkans. They became a feared and rebellious group, whom the Turks had to pay for safe passage through the mountainous areas the Keftis' controlled. Today, Kleftis' interest is in keeping Greece free of foreign intervention and fight any wrongful depiction of Hellenes.

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